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About Coorg

Coorg is the Anglicized name for the official name Kodagu. It is the land of brave adventures people known to have their own culture and tradition. They were descendants of the Greek. They are also known for their hospitality, well civilized manners and board mindedness.

They have their own style of dressing, ornaments and delicious spicy food style. Men wear kupya and women drape themselves in a different style of wearing sari. Men are known for their bravery and women for their grace and beauty

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Places to visit in Coorg

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Tala Kaveri And Bhagamandala

Goddess Kaveri is the presiding deity and Talacauvery is the birth place of river Kaveri. It is one of the most prominent pilgrimage centers of Karnataka. River Kaveri shines our of a small holy pond named Bhramakundike. It is surrounded by the Bhramagiri hills and greenery
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Raja Seat

It is known to be one of the favorite spot for relaxing and revitalizing your mind and body. Where people flaunt there to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset and the mist covered greenery
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Abbi Falls

"The nature has music for those who listen to IT". Abbi falls is one of the fabulous water fall in Coorg. En route to Abbi falls is a coffee estate on either side. You can enjoy the sound of waterfall which falls from 70feet of height
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Gadduge or RAJA's TOMB stands like a taj mahal in Coorg. It is on the hillock with the good view of the city. It is a tomb of Kodava royalty, court dignitaries, royal priest and the royal bull.
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Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara temple is a sacred place where lord Shiva is worshiped. It is located at the heart of the city. It was built by the king Lingarajendra in 1820. The temple has both Islamic and gothic styles of architecture built around a center pool.
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Fort and palace

"History never repeats but memories do." The fort is built on an elevated area. The king Mudduraja built the fort and palace inside the fort in the last quarter of 17th century. The building is the blend of tradition and modern architecture
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Mandalapatti or mugilu pete is a hill station in Coorg. It is a marvelous picturesque hill in Kodagu. You will experience a fresh green magical moments in your life. Experience the whole new green moments in your life. It is a trekking paradise located near Madikeri.
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Kaveri Nisargadhama

Kaveri Nisargadhama is an island surrounded by river Kaveri. It is an amazing picnic spot with full of greenery and wood. It is one of the very famous greenly picnic spot with full of greener, bamboo woods, hanging bridge, safari, sandalwood and teak trees.
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Tibetian Temple

Bylakupe is a mini Tibet in India. It houses many Tibetan refugees. They follow their own culture and worship lord Buddha. The place gives you an experience of being out of India. There are Buddhist monasteries. It reveals the different facets of the truth.
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Dubare Forest

Dubare forest is an elephant camp located on the banks of river Kaveri. It is one of the wild destination in Coorg. Is one of the elephant training camp. It is an island with a wonderful river with a cool and pleasant atmosphere. There is Jumbu Safari (Elephant ride) and river rafting here.
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Mallahalli Falls

Mallahalli falls is the fall located admits of the thick green forest. It is the biggest waterfall in Coorg. It is situated on the foot hills of the Pushpagiri hill in the western Ghats region of Kodagu district
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Nagarahole in Coorg is a wildlife sanctuary renowned for its natural beauty. It is also known Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is a well know game sanctuary extending over 248 sq km
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Irpu Falls

Irpu falls is one of the mind blowing water falls in Coorg. It is a major tourist attraction as well as a pilgrimage spot. Lakshmana tirtha river lies on the Bramagiri side of Coorg. It border the waynad district of Kerala. Enroot to the fall is famous Rameshwara temples which attracts a large number of pilgrimages
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Nalknad Palace

"In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery" Nalknad palace is located at the bottom of the highest mountain of the Coorg Thadiyandamol. The palace was built by Doodviraraja in 1972
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Chelavara Falls

Chelavar waterfall is one of the best waterfall in Coorg district. It is around 16KM from virajpet. It is beautiful view to the water gushing out from the top of the hills and rocks

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